About Huckleberry Brewing Co.

At Huckleberry Brewing Co. , beer may be our specialty, but we thrive on building a better community. Central Louisiana is our home, and we take every opportunity we can to make it a better place. We have been, and will continue to be happy to work with and support local non-profit organizations that share our desire to build a better Alexandria. Follow our calendar, or our facebook page to get up to date news about our next big event.


After the storm, all my New Orleans friends dispersed across the country. From New York to California, from Southern Florida to Northern Ohio, we all spread out good.

One of my best friends, and fellow Alexandrian, Ben Rougeau, found his way to the craft beer capital of the world, Portland, Oregon. I was already a homebrewer, but after a few beers one night in early 2007, I went to the casino and put some money on number 27. I told myself if the roulette ball landed on my number, I would move to Portland and learn to brew from the pros.

When that ball stopped, I started packing. I’m your huckleberry, that’s just my game.


Back in 2007, there weren’t many breweries around, so, I loaded my car and took the long drive, expecting to return in a year or so. Ten years came and went. I learned a lot out there about a lot of things, but I learned everything I know about brewing. I started in a production brewery as summer help, and eventually, got my own brewery.

I learned even more and enjoyed every bit of it. The Portland brewing scene is competitive, but also cooperative. I met some of the best brewers and the best people I have ever known. while even attracting some attention from the local media. As great as it was, the plan was always to return home, and bring some of that awesome northwest beer culture back with me. Before I returned, though, we had quite a party.

So, with my wife, our daughter, our dog, Huckleberry, 10 years commercial brewing experience, over 1,000 solo brews, 110 commercially sold recipes, 10 top 5 brewfest entries, 5 top 3, and 1 brewfest victory, I was prepared to put Cenla on the craft beer map.

New Adventure

So, as Mark Twain once said, “the secret to getting ahead is getting started,” and that’s exactly what I intend to do. The Huckleberry Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in the heart of Louisiana. Founded by an 8th generation Alexandrian, the HBC is as local as it gets.

I hope y’all will come, hang out a lil’, and try some of our brews, as we aim at pouring an adventure into every pint. We are the Rapides Original :

— Jacob Willson